using RazorSrcFiles causes views to duplicate in visual studio project

As the title mentioned, when using RazorSrcFiles to choose what to compile, the items will duplicate in visual studio 2013. Screenshot attached.

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TeamCity with RazorGenerator.MSBuild

I'm using Teamcity for my projects and i have tons of problems right now with TeamCity and Razorgenerator.MsBuild. One of my projects occasionally stops building (totally random) with the message...

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Html.AntiForgeryToken and ArgumentException (Tests)

If I try to unit test a view having Html.AntiForgeryToken() call inside I get an argument exception (An HttpContext is required to perform this operation. Check that this operation is being perform...

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I cannot use RazorGenerator.MVC after upgrade to MVC 5.1.2

If I won't edit any view I don't have any issue. But after edit, I cannot compile my project any more: error CS0103: The name 'Styles' does not exist in the current context error CS0103: The n...

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Why first request still very slow??

I'm look at the article: and add the new version Razor generator Extends on visual studio 2012, I'm also add ...

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"Entry point was not found." while using RazorGenerator.MVC and RazorGenerator.MsBuild

I tried following the directions to set this up and when I start the application I'm presented with this error. It seems like it is coming from the VirtualPathFactoryManager call somehow, when I co...

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Namespace Conflict

Edit: Specifying Custom Tool Namespace and changing the namespace in controllers under System area fixed the errors. But I still think using global::[ns] could save some time in similar cases. I...

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Partial declarations of 'ViewName' must not specify different base classes

When I have partials views that start with underscore and full view that is the same name, but without underscore. I.e. "_Details.cshtml" and "Details.cshtml", the classes generated are with the sa...

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A "public class" declared inside @functions is generated as a static class.

In RazorGenerator 1.6.3 a construct such as the following: @functions { public class MyClass { public string SomeMember { get; set; } } } will produce a public static class in the ...

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EditorTemplates and DisplayTemplates are broken due to namespace mangling

As addressed in the following discussions RazorGenerator runs into issues with Edit...

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