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RazorGenerator.MsBuild vs. RazorGenerator.MsBuild namespacing issue

Apr 26, 2013 at 4:34 PM
Edited Apr 26, 2013 at 4:37 PM
P.S. I also noticed that the generated .cs file's class name is marked "partial" if that has any bearing

I have an MVC 4 web application using RazorGenerator.Mvc 2.0.0, RazorGenerator.MsBuild, WebActivatorEx 2.0.1

I am receiving compiler errors on RazorGenerator-generated .cs files on the namespace created, for example, this is generated by the RazorGenerator version

namespace GAFCOM.Web.Views.Simple.Roofing.Residential.Promotions.12_06_15_Better_Homes_And_Gardens

and produces the following compiler error:

Error 52 { expected C:\TFS\GAF\Marketing\\Dev-branch\GAFCOM\GAFCOM.Web\obj\CodeGen\Views\Simple\Roofing\Residential\Promotions\12_06_15_Better_Homes_And_Gardens\Better_Homes_Gardens.cshtml.cs 12 65 GAFCOM.Web

However, RazorGenerator version generates this same namespace as:

namespace GAFCOM.Web.Views.Simple.Roofing.Residential.Promotions._12_06_15_Better_Homes_And_Gardens (note underscore before last namespace segment).

If I change the namespace to include the underscore (as above) in my current project, it compiles clean.

Any thougnts? This is driving me crazy.