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Investigating RazorGenerator issues

If you run into an issue with RazorGenerator, the first step is to determine what kind of issue it is. They can often be categorized as one of the following:
  1. General issue: happens on every machine with every project. These are the easiest to repro and investigate.
  2. Project specific issues: issues that repro on all machines for the given project/solution, but may not repro in other projects/solutions.
  3. Machine specific issues: issues that repro on some machines, but not others (using the same solution). For instance, they could be caused by other installed VS extensions that clash with RG. The version on VS being used could also influence that,

Isolating an issue

We have a test solution on GitHub that we know works with MVC 5.1. Please clone it locally, open it in Visual Studio, and try to repro your issue. Or this one, which uses an older MVC.

If you are able to repro the same issue with it, then hopefully we will be able to as well. If you need to add various things to the test app to make your issue happen, then send a Pull Request with your change (explaining the repro steps), so we can try exactly the same code as you.

If you are not able to repro the same issue with the test solution, then you need to try to isolate what might be the difference between your project and the test project. e.g. the difference could be a different version of MVC, different settings in web.config, or various other things that affect it. If you really cannot figure out the difference, we can try to help out, but please give it a fair shot first :)

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