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Issue with reference of .css/.js files.

Hi David, I have made the separate library by razor generator tool and getting the dll files. and i refereed those dlls in my main MVC project but, i am facing the issue with refereeing the ".cs...

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Cannot create strongly typed views and use intellisense

I am working in strongly typed view mode in my site, for clarity and ease of use for my developers. currently, even if i declare a type in my view, I cannot use VS intellisense in my views as my ...

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Pre-compiled Views causing namespace conflicts

I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but using the precompiled views, I get namespace conflicts. I assume it's a conflict between the compiled cshtml.cs file and the cshtml file. the NuGet pack...

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Make GeneratePrettyNames default for MVC helpers

A breaking change introduced in 0acf7456bbbf58eb0f0bed1104448ed43685cfda broke down all of my compiled helpers. You should make "GeneratePrettyNames" a default when working with MvcHelper. It doesn...

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Build errors after view modifications

Almost every time I modify a view, I see the errors below on build. If I delete the obj > CodeGen folder and rebuild, the error goes away. I'm using MVC Could not precompile the file '\V...

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Razor generator with Xamarin Studio?

Do you think its possible to use Razor Generator within MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio? As far as I know they support extensions and custom tools. It would be a great additional value. My solution (f...

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Override view is not working

I have a separate project in my solution that contains some Controllers and compiled views. I use those controllers for base classes to other controllers in my MVC application and the views are com...

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Visual Studio 2015 is not supported

Visual Studio 2015 (which is currently in CTP stage) is not supported

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Layouts, views and partials with same name in different assemblies

In my separate MVC project with RG, there are "parent" layouts, views and partials. In my main MVC project(s), I have "child" layouts/views/partials, which derive from them. If these files have ...

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Fails to generate views when name starts with a number

When we have a view starting with a number ex "123abc.cshtml" Razorgenerator.MsBUild creates the classes but they are not compilable : "Error 134 Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expe...

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